Enhanced 5F2

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The first amp continues to be built on the 5F2 platform, but that's where all similarity stops - instead of a single 5881 it is now a push-pull dual 6V6 power section transformer-coupled to a single 12AX7 (or 12AY7) with a solid-state rectifier, making 12 ultra-clean watts, and as such it is a perfect platform for modelers or pedal boards.  It doesn't even think about getting dirty on it's own until it gets to 9 (on a scale of 12).  For this reason, and for the first time, there is a pull-to-attenuate function on the volume knob that knocks it down to one watt wide open. This way you get a nice, creamy overdrive with just the guitar, and you can use it's volume control to roll in to and out of clean.  Outwardly it looks no different than any of my other 5F2 offerings; completely stock in appearance except it has a 12" speaker. 

-$999.00 Plus Shipping

Enhanced 5F11

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Based on the 5F11 Tweed Vibrolux enclosure and chassis, but again, it deviates sharply from stock.  It has a pair of cathode-biased 5881s, making a whopping 24 watts, which is the most power-per-pound I've ever made.  It also features a long-tail phase inverter, and Goodsell 17-style bias-vary tremolo. As with the 5F2 the volume knob can be pulled out to bring the power down to one watt.  Like the 5F2, it is completely stock in appearance, with the four original knobs (speed, intensity, tone, and volume) along with the three different inputs of increasing sensitivity.  It also has a 12' speaker (original was 10") and it has an output transformer that is just as happy running a 4-ohm load as it is running an 8-ohm load.  It has a rear-mounted ext speaker jack, and there is a matching ext speaker available, either open- or closed-back making this a completely giggable rig.  It's great with pedals, modelers, synths, Wurlitzer pianos, or pretty much anything that would benefit from clean pure-tube power.  At 27 lbs it's even lighter than a Super 17. 

Pricing is at $1499 with tolex; ad $50 to any cabinet that gets lacquered tweed.  

The ext cab will be $400-ish depending on how it's loaded, but the amp will run any other 8-ohm load if you already have something.

Limited Edition Super 17 MkIV

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The Limited Edition Super 17 MkIV. 24 units available This is the current version of the one that started at all.  With the exact same circuit as the very first unit, the 17 now boasts standard spring reverb, award-winning bias-vary tremolo, and a cathode-follower powered tone stack that doesn't detract one iota from the original's sparkly character.  With a new tone stack w/  midrange control, the Mark IV is as friendly with humbuckers as it is single coils.  EL84 power tubes, GZ34 rectifier, three 12AX7s and a 12AU7.  Custom made for Goodsell by WGS.

-$1899.00 Plus Shipping

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