Champton - 1x10

Hand-wired on an eyelet board just like the original, this version of the 5F1 features a 10" Ragin' Cagin powered by a 5881 power tube driven by an enlarged output transformer.  This results in a 20% increase in power and headroom, and along with subtle but modern tweaks in voicing it is vastly more versatile than before.  5Y3 rectifier tube and a 12AX7 pre-amp.  The super-efficient 100dB Eminence speaker means this amp can hold it's own on stage and in the studio, and it loves pedals.  High and low inputs and fat, comfortable leather handle round out the feature set, for $100s less than "signature" models that still only offer an 8" speaker and a cheesey leather strap handle, plus the Goodsell can be ordered in any color you desire. -$799 plus shipping

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