Goodsell Custom Amps

The Custom Format is comprised of two cabinets, both "British" style constructed of void-free 13-ply birch.  
The 112/210 is 24w x 20h x 9d, and the 212 is 28w x 20h x 9d. Available configurations:  

-33 Custom Mk IV (four EL84s). Combos Available: 1x12/2x10/2x12
-Super 17 MkIV Custom. 
Combos Available: 1x12/2x10/2x12
-Model 1958 -KT66 & -KT88 *variations of the Model 1958. Available in 1x12 combo

Prices range from: $2500 to $3500. Contact Richard directly for specifics on possibilities.

Model 1958 1x12 Custom in Lacquered Tweed


Custom 33 1x12 in WHITE SPARKLE

super17 custom copy2

Super 17 Custom 1x12 in TEAL

Goodsell KT66

Goodsell KT66 -1x12 Custom

About payment… 
I accept cash, check, credit cards, and Pay Pal. There may be certain incentives available depending upon how and when you pay for your new amplifier.  For example, if you pay for the amp completely by credit card when you place the order, I would probably be inclined to waive transaction fees and shipping.  Other incentives may apply for quick payment, depending upon the individual build.  Alternatively, I ask for a 50% deposit when ordering and the balance upon completion, which is typically 4-6 weeks.  Either way, you are completely involved in the outcome of your personal build.

Goodsell Custom 33 - 2x12 w/ Alnico and Ceramic Tone Tubbys

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