Goodsell Hand Wired Pedals


Goodsell Overdrive II and the Goodsell FuzzFuzzz


The two knobs interact with each other giving natural grit and organic breakup. “Just like your amp” tones.
Dark and Bright Toggle switch w/ red faceted jewel light.
Gain and Tone design from the original Three Knob Super 17.
9v battery or AC adaptor (not included). Hand-wired one at a time, shipping time may take up to 3-4 weeks. 
Vintage White enclosure -
MSRP - $169.00


Want some serious fuzz and mayhem?  The Goodsell FUZZFUZZZ is you pedal. The original vintage design silicon fuzz was first produced in 1968 by Roger Brainard and has been produced in very small numbers over the last 45 years. Using  2 fully controllable fuzz engines the FUZZFUZZZ has massive amounts of available boost, yet it is remarkably quiet and simple.

9v battery or AC adaptor (not included). Glowing Red LED eyes (included).

FUZZFUZZZ is fun to explore, you’ll find sounds that are useful and inspiring with a sonic range going from mild fuzz, grit and buzz to near infinite creamy  sustain to  total end of the world destruction and chaos. Like all Goodsell products the FuzzFuzzz is hand-wired one at a time using the highest quality full sized discrete components. MSRP: $280.00

Russ Moore (RnB inc) "The FUZZFUZZZ  gives me all the authentic sounds of the 60’s and 70’s ….. from The Yardbirds to Randy California in one box…love it!!”

Geoff Smith ( Star and Micey) "Ok, the fuzzfuzzz is probably the coolest fuzz I have ever heard! Man it can do exactly what I want it to do. I love the fuzz 1 for more subtle punchy stuff, then fuzz 2 for end of the world destruction."


Goodsell FuzzFuzzz clips were recored dry and flat into a clean amp > a Les Paul w/ paf's 7.4K in both positions > Sure SM7 > Logic

Eat the Soap:  P- Bass is thru a '65 bassman into a 15 EV with single fuzz engine at 3:00  
guitar is both engines... 
Fuzz#1 engine is at 9:00,  Fuzz# 2 engine at 3:00  both pickups Les Paul

everybodys cooler than me:  .. single fuzz engine at about 12:00 ..
for both the lead licks and rhythm pattern .. bridge PU on Les Paul

Stray momma cat blues: lead is fuzz engine one  maxed with with wah and univibe clone….  
rhythm is #1&2 Fuzz engines at 10:00  ..Les Paul bridge

iron man: les paul bridge Fuzz#1@9:00  -  Fuzz#2@1:00  -  vol@2:00

purple spaz: les paul bridge w/ both engines  Fuzz#1@8:00 - Fuzz#2@1:00 - vol@2:00

muffy stuff

Black majic rif:  les paul bridge - tone off  Fuzz#1@11:00  -  Fuzz#2@12:00  -  vol@2:00

saturation: les paul bridge  Fuzz#1@3:00  -  Fuzz#2@3:00  -  vol@3:00

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